Thursday, January 7, 2010

Finally using that architecture degree...

Hehe. I've worked on designing hundred thousand dollar homes... and million dollar homes on mountainsides... but this was one sweet job. The snowfall today reminded me of this house... everything covered in sugar-white and slightly sparkly. If only my sidewalk were made of real gummies...and snowflakes were made of powdered sugar that melted sweetly on my tongue. We demolished it on New Year's Day and as I sat and nibbled on the few remaining pieces, I thought about Hansel and Gretel. Poor kids. They should have just eaten their way OUT of the house once they were locked in.


  1. Looks good LIsa, now you get to eat it!


  2. lisa..i think that's the BEST idea for a EAT your christmas gingerbread house on new years! thanks for that!

  3. What a great gingerbread house. Did your daughter help you? It looks just yummy!

  4. I don't know Lisa. I bet your clients couldn't eat the walls off the houses you made for them. This house is pretty cool. I still think it'd be hard to destroy it! Looks yummy.

  5. Brilliant. I love to make a gingerbread house every Xmas and then eat it! joy!

  6. Good job! My daughter has made four of them on some years for her kids to decorate. When I lived in Japan many years ago I taught some local women how to make these. We had one problem though - the humidity was so high there that the icing wasn't drying and the roofs and walls were not staying together. My husband came home from work to see our trouble and out came a fan and some toothpicks. He saved the day. What surprised me was to see the women placing (not asking first) candies on each other's houses. The Japanese are used to working as groups unlike us independent Americans.

    Yes, Hansel and Gretel should have eaten their way out. How often do we not see the solution that is right in front of us?


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