Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Book I LOVE: Stitch Alchemy (paper-cloth... YUM!)

First, I need to confess something... Hi, my name is Lisa and I am a bookaholic. There, it's out in the open now. Okay, moving on... the above is a picture of a mini quilt I made with my "Word of Intent" for the new year. It's made with paper-cloth letters stitched on a paper-cloth background which was stitched to painted canvas and sandwiched into a quilt. Keep reading and you'll see how it all relates.

Now, can I rave about a book here? Well, it's my blog so I guess I can! I recently bought the book Stitch Alchemy: Combining Fabric and Paper for Mixed Media Art by Kelli Perkins. Because I thought the cover looked cool. Seriously. I oftentimes judge a book by it's cover.  I also see it advertised in Quilting Arts and Cloth Paper Scissors magazines. All I knew was that it had something to do with art and maybe quilts. Well, starting with page 3 I was hooked! Kelli starts the book by explaining what paper-cloth is and has step by step instruction on how to make the basic paper-cloth. The next section goes over a myriad of ways to decorate the paper-cloth, different techniques to add color, depth, texture, and all sorts of cool things. This is a big section of the book.  Did I tell you that it includes lots of color pictures? The last section of the book features projects to make once you create your own paper-cloth. Including little mini quilts like the Mixed Media Monday one in my last post, and my Word of Intent mini quilt above. And my Round Robin Journal cover which I'll post in a few days. There are a variety of projects to make, not just mini quilts... there's a purse/clutch, pillow, beads, cards, pictures, dolls, journal covers, and more. The gallery section features work by Belinda Spiwak Judy Coates Perez and Carol Weibe. The book is nicely designed, visually. Full of color pictures and sprinkled throughout with tips and inspirations, quotes, insights on creativity, left brain/right brain exercises, and techniques to up your game. I LOVE this book. I've never taken a class with Kelli but I bet she would be a great teacher! If you're looking for some fresh inspiration and own a sewing machine, I would recommend this book. And no, Kelli is not paying me to write this!

I have so many books about quilting, art, techniques, crafts, jewelry... does anyone want to hear about some of my other favorites? I don't want to sound like a commercial :-D


  1. Lisa
    I have this book. It is a great book--I have looked at it--haven't done one thing in it!!! You inspire me to get it out again. Want to do a challenge with each other?

  2. Oh my--what a wonderful boost on such a bitter cold Michigan day! Thank you so much for offering your thoughts on the book and for sharing your lovely "emerge" quiltie. It's adorable! Kelli

  3. hey! i just got this book about 2 weeks ago from amazon.
    i too, have been eyeing it.
    funny, i often judge a book by it's cover as well.
    i loved seeing your works from the book.
    i haven't done anything with it yet.
    how is your suzi blu class coming? i'm behind on that as well.
    thanks for sharing your work.

  4. Lisa, It's so beautiful! and how nice of the author of this book to post a comment!! so exiting!!

  5. How awesome is that!!!! I love the quilts and I'm intrigued with the paper cloth. I'm heading straight over to Amazon to have a look. Of course, the author would be thrilled you'd give her book such a good rap. YOu're a good promoteur.

  6. I would love to hear about your favorite jewelry/beading book. The quilties are really cool. My daughter just made soap at her friends house and her Christmas gifts were entirely craft or book related. OK maybe some nice jewelry that mom gave her, I figure every girl needs some nice stuff to learn to take care of the really nice stuff she will get later. I love silver!

  7. Love your adventure with the paper cloth and info about book. Your mini quilt is beautiful and will be lovely to look at during the year for inspiration to follow the word intent. It's fun visiting here and to read whatever you feel like sharing. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Wow! I've paged through the book at stores. I think you've sold me on it. I like how the letters F-L-Y look like they are eggs. You're emerging in a delightful way with these mini quilts.

  9. I can't wait for mine to get here!!! It will probably show up the minute I leave for AZ. Your 'quiltie' is delicious. Lori from Sketchbook

  10. HI LISA! <<<-- screamed by a fellow bookaholic and cover judger! I keep looking at this book on Amazon and even have it on my wishlist! Thanks for the great review. Both of the pieces you posted are wonderful!

  11. Great little quilt! I may have to put this book on my wishlist! Thanks for sharing all of this.


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