Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fairy Adventure Camp

BZZZZZZZZZZZZ! That's me being a busy little bee. I'm in the middle of so many projects, I'm thrilled to just know I finished one! This is my very first Accordion book I made through a class taught by Zinnia over at Roses on my Table ning group.  I have to tell you guys, this group is fantastic! Zinnia offers several different paid workshops, like Stone Tile Art, and Mixed Media Bottles. There's a free journaling group with a new prompt twice a month, swap groups, and this totally awesome group called R.A.I.L. (Roses Art Information Library) It's a yearly subscription group, every month Zinnia comes up with a cool new project to teach that includes LOTS of video time (you can download and keep the videos!) and instructions. She's always available in the groups to answer questions and encourage students. Currently, we're doing a workshop on altering dominoes. So it's like I've taken two classes in the past month... and get this... the yearly subscription for this RAIL group is ONLY $35 a year! (Yes I said a year. Not a month) Let's do the math here... that's 12 workshops a year for $35.00.  That comes out to about $2.92 a workshop! How crazy is that? Geez, do I sound like a commercial? Sorry. I'm just in love with the group and want to share :-)

The Accordion book was the project that was up when I joined last month. I have tons of images of cute little vintage children from Lisa's Altered Art and Collage Visions. I wanted to use what I had so I went with a fairy theme. It evolved into a class or yearbook of sorts. I imagined the personalities of all these little fairies, all together at Fairy Camp. There were 15 sides to make plus a title page so I decided to make a slide show. Enjoy! 

Hopefully I'll finish up something else soon! For those of you who plan on celebrating Halloween, have fun and be safe!