Thursday, September 13, 2012

Back in the Saddle

Life here is slowly getting back to normal. Well, as normal as can be once you've had a cancer diagnosis. Normal will never be the same, it will always be a bit prickly. During these trials and tribulations I've been posting and updating on my other blog, Life, Interrupted. But it's been awhile there too I'm afraid. Mostly because I'm tired at night, which is when I usually sit down to write. And I gave my old laptop to my daughter to use for her movie-making so it's no longer in my studio with instant access.

To Infinity and Beyond!
Trying to find a new normal is a bit discombobulating. (I love that word!) During my chemotherapy treatments I didn't feel like being creative. Instead I was showered by friends with little pieces of art and cards and well wishes and prayers, which meant the world to me. Each one lifted my spirits like only good friends can. I feel awful that I didn't get the chance to individually thank all my friends who sent gifts. I just didn't have the energy. But I want everyone to know that each one is appreciated greatly and loved dearly. I have them in a special box and I look through them occasionally when my spirit needs a lift. I am grateful for every. single. one.

I feel like I am getting back in the (creativity) saddle again. I took 984238572 pictures when we were in Maine. Okay, it just seemed like it because the camera was attached to me at all times. And just in case my new camera didn't work I always had my iPhone camera in my back pocket. I see in pictures, I can't help it. It was a wonderful trip, very relaxing surrounded by beauty with inspiration everywhere. The ocean does that to me. I have saltwater in my veins. 

While we were in Bar Harbor/Mt. Desert Island, they had their Legacy of the Arts week. Artists are appreciated, studios are toured, classes are offered, friends are made. One rainy Saturday my daughter and I decided to drive to Otter Creek to take a Zentangle class. I have never been in such a quiet and studious class! After about an hour of mad zentangling, people started loosening up and talking and visiting. I met a few really nice people who encouraged me wholeheartedly to follow my dream and move to Maine. I also rediscovered my love of doodling.
It kind of looks like fish? 
Long and Linear
Sand dollars have the most interesting patterns!
The sand dollar one was pretty big, I drew it in my 9x12 sketchbook. It took several days here and there and a lot of hand cramping!

On the way home from Otter Creek the mist was rolling in with some storm clouds and the pond on the side of the road looked so beautiful I stopped and took some more pictures. Shocking, right?

Anyway, a lot has been going on since June, Michael and I attended CHA Chicago, we came out with some new Map Stencils at Artistcellar, we renovated our 1950's bathroom, and at the end of August I took three classes at CREATE Chicago and had a ball creating art with others. I think it sparked me into feeling creative again. I have several projects in the works but I'm going to save them for another day. I'm going to really make an effort to get back in the blogging saddle again, it's been way too long!