Sunday, June 20, 2010

MixedMediaMonday (last week!)

So I'm only 6 days late for Mixed Media Monday! Last weeks theme was "Vintage Ads/Labels". I made this little tag out of those surface samples you get at Home Depot. You know when you're picking your counter top material? It's very sturdy and comes with a hole already in it and the backside is a pretty ivory colored fake marble veneer. (No, I never actually considered this for my counter tops!) Added some glitz and bling and there you have it.

My favorite vintage ads? Have got to be the bra ads. I love looking at the old bra/lingerie advertisements. That's what kind of sense of humor I have :-) 

On a different note, I took some pretty cool photos this weekend while I was at the farm. It never fails, there's always something to photograph. Most people would think I'm nuts (and some would be right) but there is a certain beauty is a rusted barbed wire fence or hanging S hook. 
Or a spiked rusty farm equipment thingy. (Meaning: I have NO idea what it is!) 
How about some rusted bed springs? It's used to grade the gravel driveway when things get rough. But look at the lines. Kind of like a mechanical spider web.
No one can argue that the day lilies aren't beautiful. Or the purple thistles. But what about the grasses waving in the wind? 
The beauty is in the details, my friends. Look around you, it surrounds you. You just have to open your eyes and open your mind. 

Note: All the pictures are taken with my Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H20 point and shoot digital camera, which I LOVE. It has a super zoom (10X) and great macro capabilities. I give it two thumbs up, three if I had an extra hand!


  1. Beautiful photography! You are so right, life is in the details. Isn't it wonderful how a camera can help us focus in on life's little details (and share them with others)! Thanks for reminding me to slow down and look around.

  2. Hey Lisa-I like your mechanical spider web!!

  3. I especially like the purple thistles and the little tag. Keep up the good work!

  4. I love your photos and your blog. I found you through your email re "artistcellar". Good for you. I'm glad you purchased it and wish you success in your endeavor. I'm drawn to your blog because, like you, I'm into photography and mixed media. Won't you come visit my blog?

  5. I love the tiny details you've captured. You truly have an artist's eye.

  6. Hi Lisa. I found you through the blog hop (I'm number 22) and love your photos. My favourite is the first; great composition and focus.

  7. Oh I do know what you mean. I've taken photos of my fence like that, bed springs on a burned out property nearby and a rusty lock on a simple gate. So many people pass up on these things. Enjoyed seeing your photos.

  8. kindred spirits, we are girl! i so love rusty objects tooo... reallylovin your rusty photos... :) and fantastic wee piece for your last mixed-media project. :) xo


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