Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Days 22-30 of 30/30 project

Wooohoooo! Project 30/30 is DONE! I think I can call it a success. I created, I cranked, I completed. Here are days 22-30. This was probably my hardest batch to deal with because there were other things going on in my life and some days I just didn't have time or energy to complete a project. But I did anyway. So there.

Day 22 was a spread for Carol's Marie Antoinette's Round Robin. Her theme is "Sensual Pleasures". Besides a bubble bath (which I already did for Lorena's spread) I thought of the Garden's of Versailles. 
Day 23 was a quick and dirty mini fabric book. The cover is a pounded flower on muslin my daughter made at a workshop (her book fell apart and she said I could use the flower). There's about 8 pages inside with various stamps and words. I hand stitched the binding.
Day 24 was a sketch of a Suzi Blu type face. I need to practice my faces so I don't forget how to draw them. Arlene is taking the class now and inspired me, hers are looking fabulous! Instead of hair I decided to put her in a head scarf. If I ever turn her into a painting I am going to make the scarf red with a wild pattern. That's what's in my head when I think of my girl in color.
Day 25 was a quickie. I was crunching numbers all day and would turn to the side of my desk and glue some text down. Crunch some more and glue some birds down. And so on. It was a desperate act of creativity. It's not easy switching sides of the brain back and forth, but I think it turned out well.
Day 26 I tried something different. I think it was Janet who started the jewelry thread on my group list... with a button bracelet someone made. Then Sox made her own button bracelet. I decided to use some charms I made a long time ago with vintage storybook characters in them. The charms are two pieces of glass with pictures between then wrapped in copper foil and soldered. I added some glass beads in between to give it some jangle. I really like the look of it, but realistically, I'll probably never wear it. It jangles too much for me and I rarely wear bracelets.
Day 27 was something very different. A year or so ago Kelli Perkins had an article in Cloth Paper Scissors magazine about how to make poetry spoons or spoon "books". She drilled holes in the ends and linked 4-6 spoons together. I only had two spoons in my stash. I gave one to my daughter and we did the project together. Mine is on the left, hers is on the right. I think they turned out excellently, if I may say so myself.
Day 28 was carving a stamp. I saw this design on Alisa Burke's blog about a stamp carving class. I drew it straight on the block and carved away. My very first hand made stamp. It was fun and might turn out to be slightly addicting. (I've already made another one...) I've had a handful of those rubber carving blocks and a carving tool in my stash for a few years now, I figured it was time to cut it up. The actual stamp is in the middle, with prints on white paper on the left and on a vintage text on the right.
Day 29 I made a page using the stamp. I had gotten the Creative Impulse Newsletter that day and loved the color combination of the project of the week. So I took it from there, adding my own carved stamp on dictionary text. I just taped it down (but not really, it's glued first) and added a small quote. A very quick page if you don't count all the drying time for the paint.
Day 30 (dun dun dun DUN as my daughter would say...) is a spread in my watercolor journal. I challenged myself by telling myself I had to use these two photo collage images I got from CollageVisions. Once I stamped the typewriter on the lady's side and the pen and ink on the man's side the words popped into my head. Eunice is ahead of her time. What a scandal to use a typewriter to write her love letters! Joseph prefers the safety of pen and ink.

So what am I going to do now? Well for starters I have another Marie Antoinette RR spread to finish in the next few days. Then before the end of the month (where DID June go??) I have another RR journal to finish. Theme is "In My Zen Garden". I have an Altoid tin swap due at the end of month over at MMartFriends. Maybe the charm swap at FiberArtTraders. I want to get back to Mixed Media Mondays. And I want to try some of Michelle Ward's challenges over at Green Pepper Press. And I'm SURE that my sketchbook group will come up with something new VERY soon. They always do! (Crazy ladies, but I love you anyway!) Wow. Did I just really list all that stuff I wanted to do? Am I nuts?? 



  1. Lisa--you really embraced the 30/30 project and tried many different things (all turning out great, I might add). I think you get the top prize for actually doing this challenge every day instead of cheating like I did and doing a whole bunch at one time!!

  2. I really enjoy all of your creations, but I just LOVE Eunice and Joseph's pages!!!!

  3. You spread your wings and made 30 great pieces of art. Love your handcarved stamp and journal page!

  4. Lisa I love the bracelet, maybe not your style but try it out for an outing and be bold. I absolutely would wear it. (A tiny voice in my head says "is it really art if no one enjoys it but me?" But then that is why you have this wonderful art blog.) Shiny....

  5. Wow, you ended with a bang! Trying all these new things probably made you feel pretty darn good. Like that burst of speed a racehorse gives at the end of a race. Nice job on everything.

  6. Lovely art, journal works here. I found you via blog hop. Nice to meet you~ What classes of Suzi's did you take? I have taken a couple from her. They were fun~ Theresa

  7. I love your 30/30 project. I scrolled down and looked thru all the different entries. What a wide variety of work you do!!

    I just found your blog on the Art Bloghop.

  8. i thought i was art busy, but i think u have me beat ms. lisa. i adore the drawing of the face. she's gorgeous!


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