Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Days 10-16 of 30/30 project

I have been very very busy these past few weeks. I can't quite say WHY yet but it's BIG. And school is winding down for the summer. Husband's last day was today. And C has to go until June 10th. It's always a big adjustment to go from being alone all day to having the family home all day. But it'll be a busy summer too. My Irises are done blooming already but I thought the greens were pretty the way the light was shining through them.

For now I'll just post my days of creativity for the "30 project in 30 days" challenge. Days 10-16 were interesting in that I just did them. I think there comes a point where if you do something for about 14 days in a row it becomes a habit? Like... exercising every day. Or not eating sugar for two weeks. Or making time for art every day. I think I like it. 

Day 10 is a spread in my wc journal. I started out with the blue background and added swirls of puffy clouds and decided it needed a house. The words say "and in the door was a golden key" Hmm. Wonder where that door will lead to? 
Day 11 came out when I was cleaning up my studio and was organizing my ATC box. I just couldn't resist this face. Words are from an actual vintage text and the background is dyed paper towels.
Day 12 is another ATC I finished. I started with a card with an alcohol ink background. My personal symbol seems to be stars and once I glued the stars on I thought they looked like they were dancing a bit. I was testing a product called Byzantia Bijoux which is a crushed glass, quartz and marble blend of glitter. It looks like crushed gemstones. If you want more information about this product you'll have to email me and I'll tell you more.
Day 13 was the Wabi Sabi Round Robin Journal I had to work on for the month of May. I saved this one until the last minute. I had NO clue what I was going to do until I started it. I guess that's what wabi sabi is all about, right?  The words read "Nothing is Perfect. Nothing is Finished. Nothing Lasts." and on the right it says "I cling to my imperfection as the very essence of my being." A quote by Anatole France.
Day 14 was prompted by a short conversation I had with my daughter while outside waiting for her bus that morning. I love the great outdoors. I really do. I love all of God's creatures. Except Mosquitoes! I hate the little bloodsucking things. And I am super paranoid about biting/stinging insects. Some of you know my latest ordeal... I woke up one morning with 30 (yes, 3-0) bites on my arm from about 4" above and below my elbow. By the next day I was ready to gnaw my arm off from the itching. And swelling. And redness and pain. I ended up having to take steroids for 3 days and using a prescription topical hydrocortisone. I have NO idea what bit me. But mosquito bites usually trigger my immune system to go crazy. So when this sucker was buzzing around my head and my daughter said that, I had to make a journal page about it, in Teesha Moore style of course!
Day 15 is a mini art quilt I finally put together. The picture is a liquid polymer clay transfer I saw Kelli Perkins do on Quilting Arts TV one day. You just shmear the liquid polymer clay very thinly on a laser copy with the back of a spoon, heat it with a heat gun until it cures (or you can bake it in the oven) and then soak it in water to take the paper off. I put book text behind it and sewed right through it. The doily came from a secondhand shop find. Score!
Day 16 is another mini mixed media canvas. The background was painted with a deliciously shimmery intense blue paint, layered with cheesecloth, and a gorgeous piece of silk Sari I cut up. (I'm so Sari!) The medallion is a polymer clay piece I made and I just used silver rub n buff to shine it up. And I'm happy to say that despite it being dried out a bit at the top, there were NO rub n buff accidents this time! The colors really are amazing in real life.
Well, that's it for now. I don't want to make this post so long that I lose you toward the end. But today was actually day 19 so I will post again in a few days to catch up. Have a great weekend!


  1. Love your golden key page! And your cupcake page and daughter's comment provided me with a good laugh!

  2. Lisa-I love seeing all your pages and ATC's in a row. Tell me about Byzantium Bijou and when are we going to hear the BIG news!!!

  3. These are great and all so different! Good way to not get bored.


  4. I laughed at the cupcake page although getting bit is not funny. Spider bites are the most aggravating as they hurt and itch whereas mosquitoes just itch. Love that aqua blue piece with the polymer clay medallion. Laughed at your humor on the sari bit. Enjoyed my visit.

  5. You're pages are fantastic and inspiring!!! Always different!

  6. Wow, this 30/30 project is quite interesting. I love seeing what you're working on too :D


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