Friday, October 2, 2009

Naming the Baby

Why the name Random Veracity? Umm... good question. Because the name I was going to use, the name of my etsy shop, was already taken, LOL. I love the idea of random thoughts. No real thematic commitment there. I love the letter V. It's open toward the sky and heaven, it's symmetrical, and it's balanced. And cool words start with the letter V - vivacious, velocity, vile, vacant, value, vast, variegated, vaccuum (which I really should be doing right now!). There are LOTS of interesting descriptive V words. I love the meaning of the word Veracity: a truth, truthfulness in speaking or statement, honesty. And I'll be truthful now, I had never heard or used the word before I checked out Marty Casey's Siver Elements Collection of jewelry. He has a silver ring in the collection called the Veracity Ring. I fell in love with the word but no, I don't own THAT particular ring (although I do own a few other pieces!)

See, I'm not so strange after all!


  1. Congratulations on your entry into blog land! I'm sure you'll find lots of joy and fun in your journey.

  2. Yours is my favorite name for a blog EVER.
    Linda B.


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