Thursday, October 22, 2009

Making Some Memories (and Nightgowns)

Well, last Monday we all played hooky and spent the day in downtown Chicago. Hubby had a seminar to go to and my daughter and I tagged along. While he slaved away in class, C and I went up to the observatory in the Hancock Center (that's educational, right?) We learned about how the building was constructed and saw the beautiful views from the 94th floor. We got up there in 8 seconds in the world's fastest elevator! This is a view of the Sear's Tower:

We also rode the glass elevator in Water Tower Place Mall. That was only 9 stories but you could see all around as it zoomed up. C described it as "delightfully scary."

We also walked the Magnificent Mile to the Chicago River (which runs backwards, we learned.) We visited a Church with gorgeous stained glass and beautiful architecture. Had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory (my new favorite restaurant, YUM) The highlight of the day was when C could finally buy her American Girl doll. I didn't pay one cent towards it, she saved up her allowance for a long time. The final $20 came from a huge lot of her Magic Treehouse books I sold for her on ebay. I have never seen her so excited. She picked Kirsten, a little pioneer girl from the mid 1800's. Now of course come the accessories. Holy Cow. This is clearly where AG makes the bulk of their money! When I saw Kirsten's nightgown for $24.00 I'm thinking... uh, I could make that! Ahem. Challenge on. Here's the final product:

Let me tell you, it's MUCH easier to buy the darn thing for $24.00. It's worth every penny! If I add up my time at a decent working rate I'd have to sell the nightgown for about $90.00. I had all the materials so that was no cost. I broke a sewing machine in THREE pieces (and thought I broke my $$$ sewing machine! Panic!) I ended up hand sewing some very thick areas and the velcro on the cuffs. I actually broke a hand sewing needle too. Yikes. But it did turn out great if I may say so myself. And there was one VERY happy little girl tonight when I presented it to her. Just that was worth the hours I put in. Of course now I'm printing off the pattern and instructions for Kirsten's School Dress...


  1. I love the story of the "hooky" day and also the saga of the adorable nightgown. I had to laugh - I recently finished a Halloween costume for my grandson rather than buying the Garden Gnome costume they found online for $25 + S&H. The costume took me over a week to make and cost over $60, not including what it cost me to mail it to them in Tennessee. But, I know it's full of love and good karma, plus it's a lot cuter (and I bet softer) than the online version! nancy

  2. Absolutely adorable. I made one dress for my girls to wear in preschool. Did the whole nine yards, full skirt, piped all of the edges with hand made piping. They both wore it but with notions and stuff I figure I could have bought several dresses and if you add in time... oh brother! Glad to see you still sew, you were really good at that. I have done all of the windows in my house and most every fabric thing. I even upholstered a couch and love seat. (I ended up in the ER wiht chest pains over that about 10 years ago) But they were lovely, still are but the denim is really faded. I want to be burried with them...I will take them with me!

  3. Oh one of many talents ... the nightgown is lovely! May your machine and needles be charmed for the school dress endeavor!


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