Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Hello, it's me.

A message from the universe. 
I am not sure what to do. I have two blogs. And I've been neglecting them both. 

I first started this blog when I wanted to share my artwork and photography, but then how can I separate those things from who I am? I started sharing myself and random thoughts on life. I like that. I can write about anything I want. Specifically, LIFE. Haha. It's good to be adaptable. 

Do you get the Irony?

Then I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I didn't want to make THIS blog a "cancer blog" but I needed to process my experience with words and thoughts and pictures. And I wanted to share my experience because if I could help just one person get through their own ordeal, then Mission Accomplished. So I started Life, Interrupted which documented my cancer journey. I really love to go back and read things because it reminds me on my weaker days, how strong I am. I decided I am not going to take it down, because I still get a few readers there. But the last time I wrote was September 2nd, after my Oncology appointment that made me cry the Ugly Cry. I will probably continue to write on that one but keep it strictly BOOB related, which means every few months. 

Cracked and Broken but Beautiful. 

This year one of my intentions (I don't do resolutions) was to write more. Write anything. More. I have words in me floating around my head that need to come out. Usually it's while I'm driving down the tollway at 70 M.P.H. and by the time I get in front of the computer or have pen and journal in hand, most of those words have turned to jibber jabber, all the eloquence and cleverness having disappeared. 

I would love to write a book someday. But I don't know what the hell to write a book about. So I figured maybe a blog would be better because my ADD addled mind could write about anything that pops up for the day/week/month. 

Well, I won't get any writing done if I don't at least try, right? But I am warning you. I could write and show pictures about art and photography, feelings, thoughts on current events, fiction, divorce, food and healthy eating (yeah, I love taking pictures of my food. Sue me), stupid things that people say, being a 50 year old single woman who hasn't dated since 1985, etc. It could get ugly. Very. 

But that's me. 

Hello. It's me. 


  1. Love it Lisa! I this this should be your profile pic, you look like an imp. Who wouldn't want to get into trouble with that smile!

    1. Okay Carrie, I changed my profile pic. When I started this blog, I HATED pictures of myself. I'm over it. This is me. Don't like it? Don't look :-)

  2. So which blog do we need to check for all your wisdom or will yoou let us know on FB?

  3. We've created a monster. While I am getting the set up done - I am writing and writing. The blog will arrive as something to read soon. Love you.

  4. If you're going to get serious about the blogging thing, there's some good Twitter communities you can use to spread the word. If you can get your blog ready on the weekend, then use the hashtags #sundayblogshare, #mondayblogs and #tuesdayshares and share the link to Twitter on the corresponding days. Use a URL compression site like to shorten the address and save on characters.

    When it comes to writing, the best thing to do is just write. Every day. Even when you don't want to, hell, ESPECIALLY when you don't want to. Creativity is a muscle that atrophies with neglect. Just set a time and sit down for half an hour to start. Be consistent.

    One other thing; ever heard of Julia Cameron? The Artist's Way? Highly recommended stuff for getting creatively unclogged, but beware, her stuff can get intense, emotionally speaking. If you look into her and you're interested I will dig out my copies of her books and you can borrow them.


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