Monday, February 28, 2011

A Dream, Frozen in Time

Fog and Ice. Two of my favorite subjects for photography. So there I was this morning, while waiting for the school bus. Sniffling, snuffling, shuffling around the yard with my camera. The sun was at a very low angle, it was right at the freezing point where everything was still suspended in a layer of ice and time. Breathtaking. 

My Lovely Lilac Tree
Little Buds
Diamond Encrusted Slivers of Light
Crying Black Eyed Susan
Frozen Glow
Alien Eye is watching you!

A study in Lines

Are these not Fairy Skirts?

And here are the dancing Fairies.

Frozen in Time
While I was shooting the last pictures, I could feel the slight rise in temperature, the sun shining brightly. Then as if on cue, everything started to drip. It was raining under the trees. All morning long, the sun was shining and the sky was blue but all I heard was drip drip drip on my roof, the pitter patter of raindrops as the trees melted. A bit disconcerting to my fuzzy, flu-filled brain. But simply Amazing.


  1. What amazing photographs Lisa! Wow! You may not be feeling great physically, but your artist's eye is still working great! I love what you've shared. Just gorgeous!

  2. Love the fairy skirts! You have such a wonderful camera that takes those great close ups!!

  3. Yes, truly amazing! I appreciate the opportunity to share your morning sights and sounds. Hope you are feeling better!

  4. What wondrous photos you captured!! You were there with your camera at that golden hour when the photo was ripe. Isn't that magical when it all comes together that way? I loved seeing these.

  5. How I would love to experience this!Thanks for sharing!

  6. You are doing an amazing work with these. You certainly have mastered the close ups, but even better, you have the eye to spot the good shots! Well done!

  7. "A study of line" is just AMAZING !!! this is details that regular people wouldn't repair but an artist eye look at this beauty in the exact moment, these photos are stunning !

  8. wow lisa those pix R exquisite!

  9. i am so glad you left a kind comment on my blog today so i could follow you right here to incredible beauty!!!

  10. I'm awestruck... these photos are stunning!


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