Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring is in the air!

A few weeks ago I had an itch in my fingers to create something with fabric, while I was doing some utilitarian stitching. I grabbed some fabric scraps, a piece of canvas, a glue stick and some scissors and came up with this sweet, simple little number. It took me about 7 minutes flat, hehe. (Well, I mounted it on the red background and then the black background at a later date.) I really like the simplicity of it. Can I call it an art quilt? It has at least three layers... 

How about some REAL blooms now? Soon I tell you, soon! Look what I found in my back yard between last years fallen leaves? Signs of life! Woooot! 

This weekend was my kiddo's birthday. An entire decade! She had a few friends over for some pottery painting. While the paint dried, we went to the ice cream store for a snack, and then they planted little flower seeds in the pots. I think they turned out beautifully! The first artist is Celia, the second artist is Rafia, and the third artist is Makenzie. 

Cupcakes for all! Have a great week everyone! 


  1. I absolutely LOVE the simplicity of your mini art quilt! It's so cheerful and springy!!! I would frame it and hang it on my wall!!

  2. Three layers equals one art quilt!! like it a lot Lisa!

  3. Happy Birthday to Celia!, your dog looks exactly like my daughters dog, Buddy, he is a lovely dog.
    Great work all of you!

  4. OOOooo! I have to go check for shoots on my east side. I usually have a few buds on my daffs by now but I would be surprised to see anything this year.

    How did you do the cupcake? Are those edible pearls stuck to the frosting? It is so pretty against the chocolate. (You can tell I am hungry as I comment on the edible art...)

  5. I love your art quilt!! Great cupcakes and photos...yum!

  6. Bloom is beautiful! 7 minutes? wow.
    I love those pots too - what wonderful artists!

  7. Lisa, I love your art quilt, and I'm so happy to know about your wonderful blog. Thanks for visiting Mother Word. I look forward to being in touch.

  8. Love it, Lisa. I have a thing for circle flowers.


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