Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tip-toe... through the tulips

Some pretty pictures for you on this middle of the week hump day. Tulips from my garden and my neighbors garden. Have I told you yet this week how much I LOVE my camera??
And if you live anywhere near the Midwest, you'll recognize these... just about ready to spread the joy! 
On my walk this week, I found the big white birds back in their pond. Anyone know what kind of bird this is? Snowy Egret maybe? Some kind of Heron? They're really big. UPDATE: I was informed by several bird experts this is a "Great Egret". How cool is that? Thanks Peggy and Lori!
Have a great rest of the week everyone!


  1. I love those parrot tulips!! So pretty. Its one of those birds you mentioned!! Nice photo.

  2. Gorgeous orange and purple! I miss the tulip lined streets of Holland, MI, where I lived for five years when first married. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Having lived in Arizona most of my life I was so amazed to see tulips in almost every yard when I visited Yakima, Washington a couple of weeks ago. What is it about tulips? Thank you for sharing your lovely photos.

  4. Beautiful, my tulips are going wild this year too! The white bird if it is big is a Great Egret and you can tell because the legs are black, Great Blue Heron, white phase is same size, but legs are light colored. Lori from sketchbook

  5. Hi Lisa! I love your photos and your artwork! Thanks for always inspiring me!
    kris shedarowich

  6. What do you call those feathery ball flowers? My daughter loves picking them and blowing them. We have a whole field of those near our house.


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