Wednesday, May 19, 2010

30 Projects in 30 Days

I started a new challenge because you know, I just can't resist a good challenge! Yet another from my Sketchbook Project Group, boy those ladies keep me on my toes! So the challenge is to create and complete a project every day for 30 days. Since we break rules all the time, we decided if we run into snags (also called Life) and miss a day, we can make up for it with 2 the next day... so long as we complete 30 projects in 30 days. Since I know I won't post every day, I'm going to try and group them every 3-4 days. Before the project started I made a watercolor journal to work in, which is pictured above. My focus for this challenge is to paint and fill up my little journal. I don't want to call it Art Journaling, I would say it's more just mixed media painting in a journal. Of course our regular work in our Marie Antoinette RR and our Sketchbook RR also count. And if I feel like doing something else one day, so be it. Rule breakers we are.

Day 1: I created the 30/30 digital logo you see on the left of my post. Of course I shared it with all the peeps playing :-)
Day 2: I wanted to create a nice send-off page for my journal.  Paint, paper and rubber stamps/ink pad.
Day 3: This was inspired by Cloth Paper Scissors magazine cover for this month. It's an article on painted paper collage by Serena Wilson Stubson. I used various scrapbook papers, paints, stencils/stamps, cheesecloth, and marker. I love that it's so colorful. And yes, some people would be happy to know I used the color Orange!
Day 4: Was just serendipity. I started the day out tired and in a gah type mood so I slathered a very dark blue/black all over the paper and let it dry. Then decided I wanted to do a house theme. At night of course. But I had to lighten the page with blue gray storm clouds. I used torn scrapbook paper, text, music sheets, and words. The text says "It was a dark and stormy night" and the name of the picture is called "Every home has a story to tell." Even the doghouse. If you click on the picture it should give a closeup of the words inside the houses... the story of the house.
I tell ya, I'm having too much fun here. I really enjoyed the past two days' projects. I think what I'm going to do is to grab a random magazine (I only have about 98723765 magazines laying around here!) and open it to a page I have earmarked as a project or technique I want to try. Oh so much to do and try and so little time...  

Oh, on another note and related to my previous post... I WON a hand painted fat quarter from Leilani Pierson! She was giving away this gorgeous fat quarter as a thanks for playing in her challenge to make the little fabric book. This piece of fabric is really beautiful. It will pain me to cut into it, but it's alright. I haven't figured out yet how I'm going to use it, so I can enjoy it now as is. And the envelope she sent it in, is really pretty too! I just can't throw it away...


  1. Okay Lisa - I am shifting to inspired instead of tired. The game will now become fun. I love your lollipop/balloon/trees and the house picture is hmmm - inspired. Thanks for sharing. Lori from Sketchbook

  2. Lisa-Your book is going to be so wonderful at the end of 30 days. It's fun to see all the pages together, rather than all jumbled up with everything else in sketchbooks!!

  3. What a great idea. I love that you are doing things from the magazines. Great work too

  4. LIsa, I love all your pages!! too cool.


  5. Day 3 is my favorite. I love these flowers. What fun! I know what you mean about cutting into the fat quarter. They are pretty in their own right but pretty when they are used to. You can glue bits of leftover fabric on cards or in your journal so none is wasted and you have the memory over and over.

  6. Your art is great - and your one a day - quality one a day - is inspiring.

  7. came from the blog hop and LOvin' your stuff the flowers and the houses are fabby!


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