Monday, May 10, 2010

Mini Fabric Book Challenge

Leilani Pierson posed a mini challenge this week over at the Cloth Paper Scissors blog. Make a mini fabric book using only these supplies:
  • Light colored fabric
  • Thread (to bind it)
  • Rubber stamps or homemade stamps
  • Stamp Pad
  • Text found from old books
  • Marker/pen for doodling and/or marking
Of course I couldn't resist a challenge, especially coming from Leilani, who taught a flower pounding/fabric book class at Make It University at International Quilt Festival. I had a blast at the class and feel like I met a kindred spirit. Here's my little book:

Yes, those are my fingers holding it, the book is tiny! The pages are a 4" x 4" piece of canvas fabric folded in half and stitched. I had to hunt through my stamps for small enough images! I grunged the fabric with a stamp pad, then stamped some images on it, layering some images with a text stamp. The circles are a piece of cardboard tubing I dipped in the stamp pad. Finding the words were the best part, I love using random book text in my work. It took me about an hour to finish the book (after sewing it together the night before!) It was a nice exercise for my brain, a nice change of pace. I was itching to do something new and this hit the spot.

Thanks Leilani!


  1. I love it. And I'm off to join the challenge. Thank you for the prompt/prod. lol

  2. Hi Lisa,
    Oh I just Love those poetry books on the spools, awesome, your itty bitty book is really cool too!

    Thanks for entering my giveaway. Best of luck

  3. I love this little book - wonder if I can squeeze one in...I end up getting hung up reading when I go do the word search LOL Lori from sketchbook

  4. sooo happy you played, girl! your wee book is perfectly delightful! ;) big hugs to yous!! xoox~Leilani

  5. Hi Lisa! I enjoy getting my creative juices flowing with a lovely challenge too! Your book turned out fabulous! Thanks so much for your sweet visit! Have a wonderful day! :)

  6. This is absolutly delightful! It's Leilani just the best!!! Can't wait to have you join us in a trade at Fiber Art Traders.
    Hugz, Normajean Brevik (AKA Nj)

  7. I am so impressed - that took you about an hour to make!


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