Thursday, April 8, 2010

Zendala MADNESS!

Here is what happens when a Zentangle gets together with a Mandala... you get a Zendala. My sketchbook group decided to do a fat book type of swap with these. There are nine of us so we each made nine and sent them off to Canada for Sox to put together. I'll get nine different ones back (but I made color copies of mine before sending them off) and they will be bound into a book. I should have 18 all together when it's all done. Unless... well, I'll let you know :-) 
How to make them? We simply traced a CD onto paper and started doodling to our hearts content. Anything goes. Some people drew doodley pictures inside, some are completely random and funky. I averaged about an hour to make each one, including coloring. It really makes your hand tired and eyes buggy after awhile! But it was definitely fun. Normally they are black and white but we decided to color them in. I used Copic markers on these. I LOVE Copic markers. They are alcohol based and don't smell bad. And they won't cause Dain Bramage from toxic chemicals that are found in other graphic markers.
Now if they would only get to Canada! I sent them off a few weeks ago and they still haven't arrived. I know Vancouver is beautiful and everything but seriously... I think the envelope stopped for a vacation!


  1. Hi there,
    These are all so fab! Love the colouring.

  2. Lisa--These are all so gorgeous!! The color--WOW! I hope they get tired of curling soon!!! and get to their destination!!!

  3. Love your patterns and colors! My favorite is most defnitely the third one - the tree!!

  4. These are SO wonderful!! I'm completely inspired by them.
    Much Love

  5. Lisa;
    Thanks so much for your encouraging comments on my blog... and by the way you're not being snoopy by zooming in on the pages! Silly. I am glad that you did. I think it's important to share our feelings especially as artists (we are all weird that way LOL)
    You do such a fabulous job at colored zentangles... I wish I could, I had such a hard time at matching colors. Way to go! Beautiful.

  6. These are so, so, so beautiful. I am completely inspired right now!!

    Thank you! Thank you!!!

    Big hugs!

  7. These are all great, but I especially like the first tree one.

  8. I love this kind of thing...Wish I could afford the COPIC markers but Amazon wants $350.00 for a set of 72. A bit too expensive, so I'll have to settle w/black sillhouettes and online clip-art for now. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Anonymous, I don't know if you'll see this, but I wanted to say that you don't NEED 72 markers. I started with about 6... all bought on sale at either Hobby Lobby with coupons or Blicks sales. I added to my collection one or two at a time and I only have about 25. You really don't need a lot, just pick some of your favorite colors. Manufacturers are coming out with less expensive versions of alcohol markers too, so keep your eye out!

  9. So pretty, would be an incredible quilting excersise with all the detail.

  10. So original, and pretty. These would make an amazing quilted with all the detail.


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