Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thread Spool Poetry

I finished my two thread spool poetry "things" for my swap. They were inspired by Kelli Perkins and when my sketchbook group saw them on her blog, we fell in love and decided to  make a swap of it.  Kelly is also going to be teaching a workshop on how to make these at International Quilt Festival this weekend in Rosemont, IL. I am just about crazy enough to pay for the workshop, just to take a class with her! 
The green one reads: "An anticipated bite of buttered scone... relish a small moment of magic... I insist" (I keep thinking of that buttered scone...mmm)  

They are so much fun to make, I've got another two almost completed, waiting for words, and another three or four started. And I have giant vintage wooden spool that I bought from Rebecca Ersfeld of Vintage Living, a gorgeous little boutique in downtown Glen Ellyn. (She is also featured in the next Where Women Create magazine!) Of course I don't know what the heck I'm going to do with them all. They're just pretty and fun to make. AND I learned something while making these. Always make sure your muslin is unrolling the right direction and your embellishment ends up on TOP as you unroll it. Learned that lesson the hard way, hehe. 
The pink one unrolls to the found poetry words: "You have a remarkable beauty and kind heart" 

I love this one and I can honestly say that whoever gets this one, it will apply. Because all the women in the group are remarkable women and I am so grateful to have met them and I feel so privileged to be able to share and swap art with them. Mwah!


  1. Lisa, they are just superb. Oh, they're so lovely. I hope you get to go to the class with Kelli, and maybe you can bring your spools and show her. You would be making her proud.

  2. Oh Lisa. These are really pretty!! Hope I get one! Here's what you can do with the others--Kelli has a new post on her blog--she is making thread spools with stories on them now!

  3. Those spools are so lovely! I love them both, but I think the pink one is my favorite. What a lovely collection they will make, and I can imagine that making them could be addicting too! Now I wish I had joined this swap - I would LOVE receiving these!

  4. I know, aren't we wonderful?!!! :)

    These are great Lisa.


  5. Oh boy I need to get inspired or something, your spools are putting me to shame! LOL I too wonder what will I do with them, but they are so sweet! I am thinking of using them instead of Mother's day cards for my Mom and my daughter and my sister...Lori from sketchbook

  6. Too cute!! they are wonderful!
    thanks for sharing

  7. Lisa, these are adorable! I love the colors! you did such a great job with them! Fran from sketchbook


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