Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bits and Blobs

I just can't do Mixed Media Monday today. The theme was "Hello Dolly".  I'm drawing a complete blank and decided I'm skipping it this week. No need to stress about it.

I finished my Thread Spool Poetry project. The words are drying, and tomorrow I will take pictures in the natural daylight. I love the way they turned out. It's weird that I will be swapping them out and won't see them again. Like sending the kids away... but I'll get a couple of new kids I guess which will be just as pretty. So it's all good.

It was a gorgeous weekend and I ended up at the Arboretum on Saturday. Running around for four hours. Ouch. The Magnolia's were blooming. Everything else was budding. There was so much energy in the air, dormant, ready to burst.

It was the opening weekend for a sculptural exhibit called "Steel Roots" by an artist named Steve Tobin. I was in picture taking heaven. (Did I mention I love my camera?) Here are some examples of Tobin's sculptures:
Giant Steel Roots made from large metal tubing, heated and bent. This was probably 12'-15' tall.

Elegant, flowing, fluid dance of steel.

Like a giant doodle in the sky. I laid on the ground and shot straight up for this one.

This one reminded me of fighting.

You can see the patterns the water makes as it is slowly allowed to rust. 

More dancing doodles...

I love the juxtaposition between the cold dark hard steel and the gnarly tree behind it.

This sculpture was made out of steel fireworks launching tubes. It looks like some ancient coral or sea creature to me.

That's all I have for today. I found out my Zendalas made it to Canada (finally!) I hope customs enjoyed looking at them! Next up on my list of things to do are the Round Robin pages for this month, theme "red and orange"; and start my Marie Antoinette RR portfolio. We're doing things a bit different this time...

Have a good week everyone!


  1. These sculptures are beautiful, Lisa!!

  2. These sculptures are amazing!! So nice to see flower photos--I think the last time you had photos--it was ice and snow!! Hooray for spring!!

  3. Thanks for sharing these great sculptures and nature pics!

  4. WOW!!! Your pics are awesome.

  5. I have that Magnolia (I believe it is Jane) and she has her first flowers this year!! Whoot Whoot!

    The sculptures are really cool too. I like the organic/inorganic mix, my gardening soul is happy today.


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