Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Sentiments Exactly

This canvas was abandoned a long time ago when I did a transfer experiment on it. I transferred three Da Vinci images... one fell right off, one is just to the right of the leaf and is barely visible and the last one is the reversed Mona Lisa on the left. Then I threw the canvas in the corner, hehe. A few months later I found this quote by Da Vinci and I thought it was perfect. I also needed to try out my Golden's Crackle Paste and Iridescent Bronze paint. Wham bam slap stick. Is it finished? Probably not. But it's being abandoned again.

I think spring is finally rearing it's muddy head. I found some daffodil buds poking through the ground. Almost all the snow has melted. Now I have a winter's worth of defrosting dog poop to clean up!

I was visiting the parents down on the farm a few weeks ago. This time I brought my snow boots so I could wander around outside. It was a full moon that weekend. 

This looks a little like a blob of ice or a snow ball but it's the moon, I swear. I just pointed my little camera at the sky and zoomed in as far as I could and this is what I got. Have I told you how much I LOVE my camera? In case I didn't... I LOVE my camera! 


In this shot I stuck my camera out the door at about 10:30 at night and took a picture. The clouds were really cool and the moon shadows were awesome!

The next day I walked around the property right before sundown. The lighting was beautiful... soft and warm. I couldn't resist some shadow shots!

And I leave you with an Iris. I mean ORCHID! (Thanks Janet!) One of nature's most exquisite forms... Have a wonderful week!


  1. Wonderful photos, Lisa--it's nice to see the beginning of a new season :D

  2. I love the Da Vinci quote and the photo of the moon is amazing!! P.S. Aaare you sure this is an iris and not an orchid??

  3. Fantastic painting. I love those orangey tones you got. And the crackle is awesome. A technical success all around. Your photos are excellent too.

  4. My flowers are taller than yours are. Na na na na boo boo! ;-)

  5. Great piece of art and a great quote to accompany it! Your photographs are wonderful and you give me hope that spring is almost here!!

  6. I nominated you for an award. Go to my blog to find out

  7. Lisa, I nominated you for an award. Go to my blog to find out.

  8. Lisa; beautiful pictures. By the way, YOU'VE BEEN AWARDED! Go to my blog to see why!


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