Monday, March 8, 2010

If I joined the Circus...

I love my sketchbook group friends. I have never seen such enthusiasm and joy spread so quickly from one day to the next. One day last week someone mentioned the circus and WHAM. A great prompt was formed, ideas were born, art was created. Kind of like a tidal wave of creativity. 

I never really got into circuses when I was a kid. But I fell absolutely and wholeheartedly in love with Cirque du Soleil when I saw them the first time I went to Vegas in 1997. I saw Mystere first. A few years later I saw O, front and center, close enough to get splashed with water. It was breathtaking, magical, inspirational. I saw Quidam in Chicago, and then Verakai.  The costumes, the music, it's a feast for all the senses, almost overwhelming for the emotions. I have the programs for the shows. I have books written by the creators. Talk about motivational and inspirational. They taught me what "audacity" means.

I am so sad... I just found out a new show is playing in the suburbs about 45 minutes from here. I really want my daughter to see a Cirque show. But it would cost us over $250 for three tickets! I just can't justify the cost at this time...

If I joined the circus... I would fly through the air with the greatest of ease. 


  1. Lisa-I love your page and I love what you wrote about Cirque de Soleil. I wish you could take your daughter--I have never been to one of their shows--I know it must be just fabulous!!!

  2. I love this! I completely agree: Sadly, money has kept us from seeing Cirque Du Soleil...but I am determined to go at some point - even if by myself!

    The art "Flying through the air with the greatest of ease" - mmmm...I can feel the wind whisking my hair now. Yum!

  3. Lisa, I love both your circus pieces. I love the circus, the old fashioned 3 ring variety--acrobats, animals, flying trapeze and even [shudder] clowns. A few years ago, we were there really early and got to meet some of the performers and see the animals up close. What a treat!

  4. Hi again, Lisa,
    Your photos and art work are so very inspiring! Love the photo (posted on another day) of the new plants poking out of the dried leaves.SOOO cool!
    Paula Guhin


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