Saturday, March 20, 2010


Happy First Day of Spring everyone! I woke up this morning to this: 

It was 62 degrees and sunny yesterday, all week as a matter of fact. My first Crocus's emerged with a burst of purple and yellow. Here they are: 

Can you see them buried under the snow? Along with the Iris shoots starting to grow? The Daffodils shot up this week as well. The flowers are fat little pods under a thin papery skin, ready to burst.

Yeah. Mother Nature sure has a demented sense of humor. I see where I get it from. Well, it's not supposed to last. 

Here's a funny story that just happened while I was typing. I sent my daughter outside to get the mail and she comes running in with a mitten-full of pink snow. She says "Mom! The snow on the front bush is pink! Look!" and she shows me a little pink snowball. I'm flabbergasted and go out to solve the mystery. Sure enough the bush has a spotty layer of light pink snow... Hmmm. Then I remembered that when it was sunny a few days ago, I had put a piece of paper on the bush and sprayed it with Cherry Red Glimmer Mist! It was the overspray that turned the snow pink. My daughter was incredulous. "You glimmer-misted the bushes??" I said "Yes. I thought they would look pretty all sparkly." LOL. Mystery solved.


  1. LMAO! I think you may have created a new background technique. ;)
    Much Love

  2. Thanks for sharing your snow pictures with us. My daffodils were under snow a couple of weeks ago (already blooming). It did them no harm. Spring bulbs are tough. Looked through your site and your journaling is very creative.

    Thank you very much for visiting my sketching site and commenting on my Hope (in Spring) post. I also have a journaling blog, not quite as creative as yours, but would love for you to come visit some time. Its call Philiabiblia. Thanks again for visiting and your kind comments.

  3. Hi Lisa
    It is almost 9pm in Kansas City and it is still snowing here! OMG. Hope I can get home tomorrow! Love your pink snow story!!

  4. My crocuses probably look exactly the same, now. I haven't been out today because we had lots of snow. I'm waiting till tomorrow, when it is supposed to be warmer and less windy.

    Love all those photos. There's something about snow that I really enjoy.

  5. We got up to over a foot of snow here in Colorado There's something about snow that I really enjoy - except not now - whenever now is! LOL The photos are great - the horrible thing is that I will have photos like that 4 weeks from now. Lori from Sketchbook

  6. Oh my! Snow so late in the season... brings back some memories. Love the photos and the flowers peaking up with all their promises. Quite lovely!

  7. Hah - brilliant! White may be beautiful, but pink glittery snow? Inspirational. :)

    (Growth in the midst of all of that snow? Even more delicious. Lovely photos.)


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