Saturday, December 19, 2009

I should be on Project Runway...

...she says with a laugh. Thursday night at about 8:50 my daughter informs me that she's supposed to wear something Christmas-y to school the next day. Well, she has no holiday wear, I generally don't agree with themed clothes, call me a grinch, call me practical. BUT we did have 2 yards of beautiful Christmas fabric we bought several weeks ago. SO... I got out the paper and scissors, an old Christmas tree skirt my daughter has been wearing as a girl-skirt the last few Christmas's, my trusty sewing machine (best gift ever!) and got to work. ONE hour later and she had a beautiful skirt to wear to school for the holiday party. I had her twirl and twirl for the camera. She got dizzy. But it's so TWIRLY. It's basically... well, a Christmas tree skirt! It's a complete circle. With an elastic waist. I like it. She loves it. And she can't stop twirling.


  1. Fantastic Mother Award for creativity, talent, ingenuity, and patience! A tree-skirt girl-skirt for spinning and twirling. She looks Very Merry and Happy!

  2. Lisa,
    Your daughter is adorable!!

  3. Lisa;
    You are so talented. Wow! YOur daughter is a cutie pie and SO should be on project runway!

  4. good idea! She'll probably want to wear it all week now!


  5. Let me tell you that it does get tougher to get the girls dressed for Christmas. I generally don't buy anything or make anything that can't be worn all of the time either so no bells, holly etc on our Christmas clothes. That skirt is lovely and can be worn all winter long when she wants to feel girly. When I was her age I would have killed for the black patent boots to go with it! I recall telling my mom the night before a band concert that I needed a plain black skirt and she whipped it up with a snappy headband to go with it in an hour. Nice job supermom!

  6. Oh, it's perfect. You can't go wrong w/ a Twirly skirt! Good job! :)

  7. This is amazing! Great job - so creative, resourceful - ingenious!
    And it reminds me of the movie You've Got Mail (my personal favorite). The mother and daughter twirl in the movie.


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