Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Birth of....

There was a journal prompt listed a few weeks back on one of my art groups and it's been floundering about my brain, trying to get out. I had done a quick sketch back then and just came back to it and finished it. This is a BIG first for me, using my own words in a picture. I usually use a quote by a famous person or song lyrics to express something. Also a first is actually drawing something myself. I wouldn't call myself a sketcher. I've managed to avoid that class in architecture school. Oh, I've done drawings, tons of them, but they've always been on the technical side using T-squares and rulers and guidelines. That's where my comfort level lies. But I had to get this girl out of my head and on paper so I just did it. I think I did okay with my first public display of a semi-portrait. Someone commented that it reminded them of "flash fiction" and I absolutely love that idea! I'm thinking that it's also a kind of birth... or evolution... I can't wait to see where this story takes me. I've got 40 pages in my sketchbook...


  1. Lisa, I'm with you. At almost 41, still trying to find my own voice, one that isn't angry for having been quieted for so long. Such an amazing step you've taken! ~Cheryl

  2. Lisa- thanks for sharing such a meaningful piece. I'm glad you used your own words. Looking forward to your future sketches!


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