Thursday, December 3, 2009

Budding Artists

The day before Thanksgiving I decided to treat my mom to a matinee movie and took her to see "The Twilight Saga: New Moon". Believe it or not it's been EIGHT years since I've been out ALONE with my Mom. (Hmmm. That's exactly how old my daughter is! Interesting!) We had a great time thanks to my 13 year old nephew who agreed to kid-sit Celia. Of course I had to give them a project to do to keep them busy - I decided they could create a "Teesha Moore Inspired" page. I gave them everything they needed out of my giant magic backpack of art supplies. I LOVE what they came up with! Here is Celia's picture:

I love the way she did the dog's head on the girl's body. And how she put the giant cookie in her hand. Can't really tell from the scan but the background is metallic colored pencils. Matches with all the stars on the page. (She knows "stars" is my little trademark I guess!)

My nephew Jacob is an awesome kid. He is bursting with creativity, he just doesn't know where his niche is yet. He can knit and crochet with expertise. He makes jewelry. He loves to do anything artsy and craftsy. (He's my kinda guy!) He writes stories and does backstage work for his school plays. He is also an awesome chef. There's not alot this kid can't do... AND he loves Twilight! His picture is dedicated to Kristen and Rob (I gave him an OK! magazine to get his images out of!) although if you're familiar with the stars, you'll know those curves are NOT Kristen's! Here's his pic:

It's hard to tell on the scan but Rob's face is polka-dotted with metallic silver dots. It's hilarious in real life, I smile just thinking about it. And the "Doesn't He Sparkle" just sets me off. I think he did a great job.

Don't you love sharing art with kids? I am fortunate enough to share art with my kid everyday but it's special to me to share it with my nephew as well. Love you Jacob!

Tomorrow I will scan and post my next "Teesha" inspired page. I have to think of about 30 different flavors of ice cream first....


  1. Interesting how once one has kids, one is never alone with oneself, nevermind another adult. So glad you and your mom got an afternoon together! Sounds like your nephew makes a delightful companion/sitter for your daughter. Love their Teesha pages!

  2. Awww thanks Lisa! I am proud of Jacob and the way he shows his creativity and of course Celia has always wowed me with hers too! I am glad that Jacob was able to help out so you could go out with mom alone too! I know Jacob had a blast with you guys and really didn't want to come home! :-) Love you!

  3. So glad you had some precious moments with your Mom. Having special people around to help so we can do the things we need or want to do is such a gift. Love Jacob and Celia's pages. They just go to it and do it. The dog head, the cookie and the polka dots on the creative. Thanks for sharing.

  4. These are great pages. My daughter does art with her girls all the time. I just got some birthday cards from them (a little late but that's okay) that are all handmade, one from each. The son won't touch art except on rare occasions when the medium looks sufficiently messy-possible!

  5. It is great to spend some time with Mom, but too long since my last time! I have the same problem you do getting together with my mom but since I only live about 4 miles away we are able to connect pretty frequently still not as often as we like. Since we go to the same church we get to see each other at least once a week. My dad is a hoot, if the kids are goofing around too much he pokes them with his crutch. I am lucky to have teens that want to sit with Gma & Gpa let alone want to go to church!
    Recycled art? How about my Christmas arrangements from neighbors shrubs, dogwoods, and mom's holly and boxwood. I will post a pic on FB if I can get the kids to do it for me. Still a technophobe... Carrie

  6. Wow! They did such a great job. I love pushing kids to be more creative and embracing their creativity. I had two teachers who really did a number on me as a kid and it took me a long time to EVER touch paint as I got older. These kids are lucky to have you to point them in the right direction! Your daughter is wonderfully creative - she's going to be very interesting to watch growing up...she could do really big things in this life. xoxox.


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