Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Winter Blues

I've got the winter blues. Good news though! It was cloudy this morning (never thought I'd say that was GOOD news!) so any groundhogs dumb enough to emerge from hibernation did NOT see a shadow. Doesn't that mean spring is coming soon? At least in my back yard?

I'm trying really really hard to keep my spirits up and continue in my search to find beauty in this gray world. I'm not having much luck, nothing outside really strikes my photographer's eye. But I was waiting for the school bus the other morning, hiding from the freezing wind in the shelter of the garage and noticed the floor. I don't know if this was from frost, or the way the salty snow dried on the concrete, but I think it's kinda pretty. There's another thing I never thought I'd say. "Look, there's beauty on my garage floor!" 

This winter is hitting me hard. I haven't gotten sick, even though hubby and daughter both caught the cruds several times this school year. But I just feel BLAH all the time. I have zero energy. I feel a little spacey. Tired all the time. Disorganized. And cold all the time. I sit in the living room and my feet and hands get really cold. I sleep under a fleece blanket with a comforter and duvet on top, with another knit blanket over that. Is that normal? And it snowed again today. It's supposed to be cloudy and snowy and wet-cold for the next ten days. I NEED SUN. I'm wilting. 


  1. Hi Lisa!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog (Studio 64-Chicago) and entering my giveawy. I see you're on CED too. Yes, it seems we have much in common.

    I haven't been creating much these past several days as One Heart One World is taking up alot of my time . . . but it is just so much fun!

    Terrific photos . . . hope to visit you again soon!


  2. Oh Lisa!! I am with you. I find myself feeling the same way! It has been really hard to get motivated to do anything!! But the sun is shining here today--so hopefully you might have some tomorrow!! I think your garage floor is beautiful! At first I thought it was some kind of seaweed or something like that!!

  3. Uh Oh! You are totally seasonal affective disordering!!!I hear you, loud and clear. An inspirational outing might help? or UV light bulb?
    Chicago, Museum, Boutique, junk shop?
    "Vintage Living" in Downtown GE is an awesome place for altered inspiration to peruse - on Hillside right when you get into town.
    Feel better.

  4. Lisa, your garage floor is beautiful! I have noticed the same thing many times and thought it was interesting but never thought to stop and appreciate the beauty in it. Think of it, if you can find beauty in road grime you are better off than most of the world that miss even more obvious things on a daily basis.
    As for being cold all of the time? I am pretty sure that soon we will be complaining of hot flashes. (I wear layers all of the time, even in summer, because we keep the house cold all of the time.) Every age has its benefits I tell my daughter as she slathers on the zit cream at night and I am slathering on the moisturizer. We have to air kiss good night because we are afraid of the others face product!

  5. i'm with you - i hit my limit for winter this morning and we don't even have any snow. cold, begone!

  6. Lisa,
    Trust me, I am right there with ya!


  7. hope you feel a lift soon :) I love your mini collage blocks in the previous post!

    thanks for visiting my giveaway, I hope you come back and visit again,

  8. Your photos are beautiful and it is so fun finding those surprises like your garage floor. I went to our Town Hall the other day. As I climbed the granite stairs, I noticed how beautiful the snow/salt run-off was. Looked like mini waterfalls. Going to take a photo before our next storm. Wishing you brighter days. I haven't been able to keep my eyes open. Taking many naps. Must be the barometric pressure. Would cocoa help you to get warm?? Thanks so much for sharing.

  9. Lisa, your frost photos are gorgeous!

  10. Lisa, your photos are beautiful! when I feel down, I put on loud music and use lots of red paint in my journal to pick me up :)

  11. love your winter photos. even in TX I feel the winter blahs - I say I'll feel more like exercising when it gets warmer. just had a blast taking photos in the snow here. but lack of exercise made my back achy while walking around on uneven terrain. had to make do-it-yourself boots from vintage rubber shoe covers, plastic bags and clothespins. :)

  12. How did I miss this post? I love the pictures. Would be fun to see them photoshopped in different colors. I know how you feel about the gray world. At least the regular new snow lately, brightens the outdoors. Make sure you're getting enough Vitamin D. My 17 year old daughter tests showed she was extremely low at her last physical. The other day, I sat in my car for awhile, closed my eyes, and let the sun warm my face.


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