Saturday, February 20, 2010

Flotsam and Jetsam

My dog Maddy had the right idea. She found a little patch of bright sunlight and parked herself there for a mid morning nap. I think she misses the sun as much as I do although she does love romping in the snow. Of course if I had 2 inches of shaggy fur all over my body I might like to romp in the snow too.

This is my little patch of sunlight. Sometimes my daughter spreads a blanket on the ground and we have a breakfast picnic in the sun. When she leaves for school I sit in the rocker for 15-20 minutes, close my eyes and just absorb. The past few days were 40 degrees but today we have another winter storm watch until midweek. UGH. I WANT SPRING.

I tried to go outside and take some pictures last weekend. I just ended up freezing my butt off. And my wonderfully awesome camera hates the cold too... battery just drains. This is me in a gnarly tree. I can't wait to go back to this tiny wooded area in the middle of a college campus, when it's a bit warmer out. 

It was my birthday on the 10th of February. Even though I ended up shoveling snow for the third time in 24 hours, it was good... made even better by the enthusiasm of a child. I tell ya, I'd be hiding under a rock if it weren't for my daughter. She baked me a cake, made me breakfast in bed (cinnamon toast) and made me lavender bath salts and a coupon for a "spa" day. Meaning she will run a bubble bath for me, wash my hair, dry and style my  hair, and give me a manicure. Gosh, I love that child. Hubby got me a new printer. Maybe I can actually print some nice photos since my old printer was about 10 years old and very tired. My dear friend Annette treated me to lunch and good conversation. The above card was made by my iFriend Joanna. She lives in Greece and sells her art in galleries there. I was thrilled to get a piece of her whimsical original art. I framed it and hung it on my studio wall. 

And this piece was sent to me by my iFriend Sox. She's been practicing her Wabi Sabi technique and I think she's awesome at it. It has such beautiful colors and texture. The sheen on it is amazing. Scans don't do it justice. It is also going to be framed and hung on the wall. I am honored to have an original piece of art from her, she is a very talented artist. My iFriend Janet sent me a challenge. She knows I've been talking about making an art quilt so she sent me some fabric scraps and an image and challenged me to make a little art quilt. Ideas have been brewing in my head. When I make it, I'll post it and show the world. 

I am very blessed to have a great husband and child (and dog) and wonderful friends, here and around the world. It warms my heart. Which is good because everything else is still freezing! Hehe. 

That's it for now!


  1. You were busy posting last night!! Sparky does the same thing as Maddy--follows little patches of sunlight around the house. Gray and rainy here today--yuck--we had one sunny day this week. I'm glad you had a marvy birthday--what a great little girl you have!!!

  2. Maddy is adorable and always great fun to watch a dog romp in snow. What a wonderful place to sit and feel the sun on your skin! And picnics with your daughter! Love your shadow and texture of the tree! Happy Birthday a bit late! Lucky you to receive such fantastic gifts. Your daughter is very special!

  3. Maddy is sooo cute! Daisy would love to play with him in the snow!! I'm glad you had a great birthday and that you like the painting of Daisy :) enjoy!

  4. Dang, now I really feel guilty for not sending you a card for your birthday! :-( I'm sorry. You know I love ya though


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