Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Challenge: Sketchbook Challenge

Some of you know that I'm an imposter Art Journaler. By that, I mean that I rarely write down my "thoughts and feelings" in a journal. I've tried. It's just not me. To me, my artwork is personal enough. My art journals are simply... journals filled with artwork. I love my words. I love my symbols. I love song lyrics, quotes and poems. Just don't ask me to pour my heart out. No one wants to see that! 

Then, a friend Challenged me to post my journal pages for the Sketchbook Challenge group.

These sketchbook pages are rare. I may have actually let a personal thought or feeling slip out and land in between the pages of my sketchbook. Scary huh? I've shared them on the Flickr page set up by the Sketchbook Challenge blog. And no one banned me or laughed at me. So here they are. TJ, these are for you! 
Ha! The first month was pretty benign. The theme was "highly prized" Besides the typical "family, friends, health, etc" I came up with my little bookshelf. (Ok. One of many little bookshelves.) I love my books. I also value my hands, for all the things they can do, which is illustrated in the line that makes up the sketched hands. I also value my dear furry companion, who is always at my feet and gives me unconditional love (as long as it's conditioned with Peanut Butter!) and Time. How can time NOT be highly prized? 

The next month the theme was "Opposites". There is always a running commentary in my head about what is real and what I feel and what I see in the mirror and how they sometimes don't match. I don't like mirrors. I hate public gyms with their big mirror walls. I don't even like reflections in storefronts when walking down the street. Why? I haven't figured that one out yet. I'll let you know when I do. And if there is one thing I learned about that month's journal page is ALWAYS make sure your marker is waterproof before using watercolor over it! (Ha! I bet you thought I was going to say something profound!?)
March's theme was "Spilling Over". It stumped me for a long time.  Then I had a doctors appointment to discuss some health issues, get mega doses of Vitamin D, and come up with a plan to get healthier. I felt like my head was spilling over with information, with ideas, with problems, with solutions, and with hope. Simply put, I need to take control back and stop letting food control me. Enough said.
And in the spirit of art... my kiddo joined me on the first month's challenge. While I sketched my books and dog and hands, she sat and sketched her "highly prized" thing: ME!
Everyone say AWWWWW. I love that girl! (She's giggling right now!)

That's it for now... new stuff very soon. (So this page doesn't have to be up top for long! Hehe)


  1. I love your pages! The one about your precious dog is so poignant, and the one your daughter did is so sweet! I especially like the one of your hand. I didn't notice at first that the outline was actually words! As we say here in Boston "Wicked Cool!"

  2. AWWWW! I love your pages--the drawing of Maddy is so cute! I never write words in my art journals-just make art--you did a lot of writing here!!

  3. Your Sketchbook Challenge pages are great! I am right with you regarding journal pages. I can do all the "art journal techniques" and then when I have to come up with something "significant" to say in words on them, I get stumped! Sometimes I scribble in a composition book all the drivel... err... thoughts that are in my head, but no one wants to read that stuff! LOL. I think you did great with your journal pages. I REALLY love Celia's Highly Prized sketch too! You are so fortunate to be so close to your daughter!

  4. I loved reading these, Lisa. And I really enjoyed seeing your artwork. How sweet that you are your daughter's "highly prized."

  5. I'm with you, too. My art journals are art process, art play, learning to art - I rarely do words. I have words tumbling over words in my head all day long - my therapist says I do talk therapy 20/7 and it's no wonder I'm exhausted! The only time I quit my "head talking" is when I'm doing something arty, so I need to do art more often!



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