Saturday, January 29, 2011

Word Love

A few weeks ago, Zinnia at Roses on my Table posted the journal prompt "Color" and of course I waited until the last minute because that's when  my muse works best. (Or is that an excuse for procrastinating? Hmmm...) Anyway, I was thinking "color" has such a wide interpretation when it hit me. Literally. This really trashy romance novel printed in LARGE print fell out of my shelf. I use it to cut out words for my art. I love words. Almost every piece of art has a word or two on it. So I was thinking how much I love words and especially colorful words. It took me about 3 minutes to find all these glorious and sublime words. But first I colored the background with layers and layers of color. I used a brayer, a paper towel, a paintbrush, my fingers. I used an empty cardboard tube left over from packaging tape to stamp the circles. Then it was time for those magnificent words. If you click on the picture it'll pop up bigger and you can read all those fabulous words.

Have a splendid weekend everyone!

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  1. Every time Zinnia posts something for Journal Journey, I mean to do it...and then I don't. bleh. I really need to give myself a chance to play in my journal! I love the colors you used. I, too, love words. Even when I don't add them to a particular piece of art, I am always thinking about the words while I'm making it...does that make sense?


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