Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Going Green!

I really wish I could take credit for this drawing but I can't. I can only take credit for birthing the child (9 year ago!) who made the drawing. Who made the drawing while sitting in the back seat of the car while driving to a meeting. Who kept drawing during the meeting while her mom and dad talked boring stuff like packaging and shipping and business. But what a beautiful drawing it turned out to be. And a wonderful introduction to this blog post, which is all about GOING GREEN! 

I am so thrilled to announce that we (meaning artistcellar - it still sounds a little weird to the ears!) have found some packaging solutions that are a bit more earth-friendly than what we started out with. The main thing that bothered me was all that plastic bubble wrap I was wrapping around the jars of paint. Well, I don't have a lot of cushioning choices, if I want to protect the glass jars, bubbles are the best way to go. BUT... I discovered Globe Guard products and locally, Salazar Packaging, who sell eco-friendly packaging products. They came out with a great new product, biodegradable bubble wrap. WOOOT! It's even tinted green to remind you that it's "green".  It degrades in a landfill in 12-24 months and cushions my little jars of paint beautifully. 
 I also purchased boxes made from 100% post consumer waste. This means they were made from 100% recycled materials and they are 100% recyclable. (But I fully expect them be passed on a few times first!) The jars fit in the box perfectly, wrapped in bubbles, nice and secure. I REFUSE to send you a box within a bigger box like some companies do. What a waste!

We were a bit torn about the mailers. We had a choice between recyclable plastic mailers and heavy paper mailers. We went with the plastic mailers because they were so much lighter than the paper ones. We're also looking for ways to reduce shipping costs for you, so the plastic ones were the way to go. Just throw them in the recycling bin or bring them with your plastic grocery sacks to the recycling bins in the stores.

I'm happy I can do my little bit in being "green" and it WAS easy! If everybody did a little bit, it would make a BIG difference.

Now, who wants a beautiful, smart, creative, but GOOFY nine year old for a week? She's booored.
My new saying "Give a child a toy and she'll play with it for a week. Give a child a box and her imagination will soar for months to come!" Have a great rest of the week!


  1. What a great photo!! Celia is so cute and her drawing is awesome!!

  2. Lisa, I love your daughter's drawing, and in a bumpy car ride no less! And kudos on finding green packaging, especially biodegradable bubble wrap - wow!

  3. lisa ur daughter is talented. that tree could b printed & sold on a t shirt!

  4. Lisa, Just read on Face Book about Artist Cellar!!! Congratulations!! I wish you all the best!!

  5. Your daughter is a canny artist, and her mum's work isn't bad either :)

  6. Love the drawing C! OK Grace is driving me nuts Lisa! Maybe we need to send C and G away for a week? She is sooo bored! A week of camp with BFF and cousin, a week of family camp, a week of VBS. This kid has a better social life than I do! "School days...."

  7. just fantastic! i sooo love DD's drawing.. so amazing!! i think it needs to be posted on CPS gallery site! ;) lovin all your green solutions too... smooch! xo


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