Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I won! (and other stuff I'm workin' on)

I am SO excited... I found out Sunday that I won the Twinchie Lottery over at TheLatestTrendsinMixedMediaArts yahoo group! The Twinchies I made for the lottery were posted here a few weeks ago. I've never made a Twinchie before and of course had to try one. I had no intention of winning cause I've never won anything before. Well, that's not true... I won an "Air America" tank top in a "Why I Love Mel Gibson" contest about 15 years ago! Don't laugh... it was before he went crazy and immoral. OK, I guess I also won dinner with my favorite Rock Star dudes for making a pretty chalk drawing in the street. Actually, I think I'll write about that next time... But I digress. I am really excited because over the next few weeks I will be getting 31 Halloween twinchies in the mail from various awesome artists in the group. Seriously, how cool is that? I need to come up with a project or some way to display them all. Maybe an advent-type calendar for the month of October? Every day a door opens to a new little picture? Hmm.

In other news... I've loaded my plate with committment for the next few months. I signed up for a sketchbook project with ArthouseCoop . People from all over the world participate. They send us a 5" x 8" Moleskine sketchbook (80 pages! gulp!) and we fill it up with sketches, drawings, collages, etc. of a particular theme given to us. Mine is "Past, Present, and Future". The due date is early January and I haven't gotten my book yet. I've decided to make a few pages that will later will be "tipped in" the sketchbook when I get it. Once they get the book back, it goes traveling all over the country to different art galleries. People will be able to look at it, touch it, flip through it. After the national tour it will be part of a permanent sketchbook library, where people can go and check out the books like a regular library. The downside is that I won't get to keep my sketchbook, but the upside is that I will be sharing a part of myself with the world. Another upside is all the wonderful and talented artists I'm meeting through this project. I am going to try and post my progress, if I make any, LOL.

I am also very excited to be taking a "Point and Shoot Journaling" class with L.K. Ludwig, who is the author of some very cool books on Journaling, including True Vision, Collaborative Art Journals, and Mixed Media Nature Journals. These are all really good books and she's a wonderful artist. I've been looking for a class to take... and I LOVE taking photos and this just clicked. I'll try to post my progress here too.

I really want to work on posting more often, but I don't always have something new to post. So I guess I'll go into my artbox archives and pull something up. Today's image is an ATC I made for a Misty Mawn type ATC swap. And I'll post soon about my summer adventure involving lots of chalk, a parking lot and a fancy french dinner with my favorite rock band.

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  1. LIsa, thanks for your comments and visiting my blog! I am also in the sketchbook project and havent got my book yet and I am in Canada, so it might take a bit. I love your theme! Guess what mine is? Elephant in the room - huh? lol it should be interesting.



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